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Nadya M. 

CEO+ Director of Strategy

-International Consulting Firm, Dubai

"Working with Heleen at The Coaching Forward keeps you on target and focused. She is results driven- unlike many others I have attempted to work with in the past. She builds trust, rapport and credibility, helping to facilitate growth on a personal and business level. She provided the coaching I needed, not what thought I wanted, and has the ability to challenge you in a positive and creative manner."

Mike Smith

Vice President Supply Chain 

-technology company, LA

"The process that Heleen and I went through was fantastic. It really put the burden on my shoulders to think, plan and change my mentality. As Heleen and I discussed many times, this is not a process that can be achieved in a short workshop. It took months of focused effort, trials and repetition to get to this point. Heleen was phenomenal. She provided a great balance of observation and guidance. She was particularly skilled at helping me to delve into the issues for myself. She did not provide a template that I had to follow. I think this was critical to my success."


Global Marketing Executive in NYC

Fortune 500 Company

“When I felt stuck in my journey to develop a strategy, tactical plan and truly lead a team collaboratively to a next level, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to engage with Heleen.

Now, looking back, it's one of the best investments in myself and my career. The various methodologies and approaches, but most importantly the 1:1 guidance and tailoring every single step to your own needs, truly impacts how you view your self, your capabilities and confidence, and provides breakthroughs that you either didn't know you needed or strived for so hard to face eventually. You simply owe it to yourself. To feel empowered, worthy, (re-)energized and equipped to take on any future challenge or change that will come at you.”

Sarah D.



"Heleen [the founder of TCF] is a passionate, highly intelligent and insightful individual with an amazing positive energy and an executive coach that gets results for her clients."  

Denise Durgin


-Back Bay Consultancy

"Heleen at The Coaching Forward is passionate about supporting her clients toward their vision of success. She has a diverse business background working in  the United States and Europe, which allows Heleen to understand organizational growth in a global landscape. To grow the business, it’s important to have high performers who work together as a team, which Heleen is the master of! Heleen coached me through some challenging times through her warm, upbeat and direct style of coaching - which is spot on for me. Heleen cares about the person, the professional as well as the organization. She’s creative, a problem solver and she knows what’s needed to positively unlock what’s stopping forward motion. I recommend Heleen as an executive and organizational coach as she just gets it.

She  will keep you moving toward positive outcomes and success!"

Mark Winkle

Managing Director

-Green Consultancy

“Working with Heleen brings clarity, structure and confidence - both personally as well as organization- wide. When our operations stagnated and we wanted to find the best way forward, hiring outside counsel was the best move made. Heleen from TCF supported me throughout exciting and at times nerve-wracking phases in a way no one else within the firm could have. We made valuable improvements since. Thank you Heleen!”

Bahriye Goren-Gulek

Brand Strategist | University Lecturer | Published Author The Business Book of 2016 

"Heleen and I have known each other for over 10 years and in that time period we have worked together on various projects, from brainstorming a new business idea to writing (two) books.

Heleen is a go-getter and an empath,

which is a rare but stellar combination.

She thinks in opportunities and solutions,

and you never know what will come out of a meeting with her as she will surprise you with a refreshing angle. Heleen doesn't hold back and will challenge you and your team to excel and grow.

I highly recommend Heleen."

Arleen VanLonden

Executive Event Producer 

"Heleen and I know each other for a few years now and she coached me in the last year. I was amazed how fast I saw results, and I'm thankful for her input.

Her style is straightforward and efficient. Heleen has an amazing personality and a good sense of humor. She's a great motivator and very knowledgeable. She also has a good network. She inspired me to do better and we achieved much more than I expected."

Sandra Z.

Sr. Director

Heleen, I owe you a big Thank You for helping me recognize that I was struggling because my values and what was occurring at work are no longer a match. I am truly proud of what I have accomplished and all that I have done in my current field. I still review the work we completed, and I always keep you in mind. I feel more balanced and (!) unafraid. 

Masja Brayer

Deputy General Counsel 

X5 Retail Group 

Heleen and I have co-created solutions over issues, energy when moods were draining, and most of all found promise in teams where at first potential seemed to be hidden far and away — her systemic thinking pushes you beyond what you’ll imagine possible. Such a cool approach!

Howard Leifman, PhD


C. Cognard

GM | Entrepreneur

I have been fortunate to be able to collaborate with Heleen and work on my professional development. I benefitted in so many ways from her different techniques and working methods that I suddenly realized that I am able to achieve my goals. I cannot thank Heleen enough, because this coaching has seriously had a positive impact on my personal development as well. After several months, since our last session, I continue to use the work tools and all that I have learned during my coaching. My approach to tackling projects has become super stimulated and I feel much more challenged. Exchanges with my potential collaborators have become more authentic and proactive. I recommend this experience to anyone who is in need of a new professional and personal dynamic.

Jason K.

CEO US branch

European midsize company

Working with Heleen has really helped me see things in a different light and allow me to take a better approach to things that come my way. It has also helped me really focus in on where I want to go in life and directed me in a way to reach that path.

"It is a pleasure and an honor to recommend Heleen. I have known and worked with her for over 2 years and in this time I have found her to be truly dedicated, insightful, fun and helpful. She is a wonderful coach that is both energetic and determined!

She gets things accomplished!"

Ivo Futselaar

Sr. Manager Employer Branding

L'Oréal, NYC 

I’ve worked with Heleen for many years.

She is The Master of Energy:

energy to get everything done and more.

She brings highly valuable knowledge of

the brain to the table.

Gidion Peters

Agile Scrum Speaker | Global Entrepreneur 

"I have worked with Heleen in setting up our coaching practice in New York.

She has an original and captivating approach to the science and art of coaching - combining brain science, positive psychology and agile frameworks.

She combines this knowledge with an effective coaching style: human centered, energetic and at times confrontational.

Highly recommended for executives and leaders who want to see themselves and their environment in a different light, and to act on it."

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