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Unlock Your Personal Neuro-data, and Transform Everything.



Discover the data-driven formula Executives are using to understand the wiring of their own brain,

improve what needs to be improved------strategic- and innovative thinking, EQ, creativity, resilience,

personal- and collective well-being------get ready for bigger leaps and accomplish more - predictably.

Much of Executives' time spent chasing has taken over the required focus on those who do the actual work; those who are expected to use their full capacity to outperform the competition. If organizations want to make it to the next decade, their people must be put front and center starting with the Executive Teams themselves.

Creating a life of impact, connection, performanceproductivity AND balance doesn't just happen.

Moreover, this isn’t a work-life balance issue-only. It’s deeper than that. Other symptoms are popping up.

Like the fact that even though the people were screened for being excellent communicators, they often still struggle to effectively interact with their colleagues, team and/or clients.


Big Ego's may show up; or hints of self-doubt may pop up (all symptoms of the same thing.) This interrupts growth and the capacity to be resilient - especially in the moments that clarity is needed most - and this impacts the overall mental fitness of everyone involved. 


We see more and more struggles to truly engage in work and life. Where the focus was once on being driven and optimistic and excited, now fatigue has become part of work routines. Perhaps even irritability and exhaustion. 


In addition, we need to shift from location-centric to a human-centric work culture while continuing to develop leadership to perform to their max.




Ultimately, we know that if everyone could gain clarity on what they personally need to adjust and have full confidence in the action steps they need to take to make those adjustments, the organization will be able to support all their people to unlock their full potential in work, and even in life.

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Don’t get me wrong…


The organization and everyone in it has pushed through to get to this point. The work ethic, resilience, and courage to not back down to challenges is what has made the organization and shows what it stands for. 


But what if what got you all here, won’t get you there? 


What if what it takes to reach that picture of “success and happiness” you and everyone in the organization have been working so hard for doesn’t take: 


- More work 

- More resilience 

- More “sucking it up”

- More bearing the stress

- More skills training...


What if it takes discovering and embodying the PERSON everybody is trying to become? 


What if the organization has spent so long chasing the identity of success, that everyone - including yourself - has gotten themselves stuck in that position of “chase”, instead of allowing to fully catch up, grasp it, and embrace that identity as their own.


The truth is, life is a result of the actions taken; your actions are a result of your identity. 


And while this all may sound very “woo”, I guarantee you, this is science.


There’s a proven formula, based on personal Neuro-data, that can help people transform their complete identity, the actions that are born from it, and the life that is created from those actions, into exactly who and what everyone wants them to be.

Be that inspiring Leader you know you are!


So let me ask you, how much time do you think many among you are spending: 


  • Second-guessing choices and decisions instead of being confident in one’s ability to handle the hurdles the new uncertain business landscape throws at us

  • Not feeling excited about work anymore instead of feeling fully engaged in one’s career path

  • Struggling to feel seen or heard and convey the true meaning of what they’re having to say instead of feeling recognized, respected, connected, and (mostly!) understood

  • Dreading failure instead of being excited about opportunities for success

  • Struggling to find that happy balance in work & life instead of feeling like every room they walk into on any given day is exactly where they want to be in that moment 

No one should be spending time & energy on these worries. 

We want everyone in our organization to be spending it feeling confident in who they are, what they’re capable of, and the path they’re on.

Isn’t this also the very essence of Diversity & Inclusion?

Screen Shot 2021-06-14 at 1.41.35 PM.png

Within The Coaching Forward, we use evidence-backed, data-driven action to help Leaders and Executives:

What you'll get
  • Uncover the hidden reasons for how their uniquely wired brain is influencing their actions - and the results that brings - with personal research & Data-Driven self-discovery.

  • Develop Personal OKRs from their personal Neuro-data, rooted in their own and ECs observations. These data are collected in their confidential online dashboard and clarify the path to their personal- and organizational goals as well as the opportunity areas in their day-to-day actions to reach them.


  • Work with science-based tools & practices to gain clarity and control in the desired developmental areas. (For instance) replacing more or less self-doubt, the presence of Ego, or  any feelings of uncertainty with confidence.

  • Cultivate and fortify Leadership skills as needed.

  • Discover the steps & practices they can take to effectively communicate with their team(s), Leadership and everyone around them in a way that allows to be heard and seen as intended  - all based on their personality & Neuroscience.

  • Tap into an evidence-based approach that will help plug into work and life in a way that is present, empowered, and fully engaged. Are you on the right path? Do you need tweaks, or total changes? With data & through this process we will shine clear light on any adjustments that need to be made on the track towards future expansion, where purpose will be guiding direction.

  • Get clear on their vision for work and life. Know exactly where they want to go, the steps it will take to get there, and how to take those steps day after day, based on understanding their unique brain wiring.

  • Feel the hidden benefits that these transformations have in their personal life as well.      Develop a fulfilling work-life balance as they feel more empowered in their vision for life.     Feel more connected in all their interpersonal relationships as they grow more clear in their communication.

How will The Coaching Forward help organizations help their Leaders

By Walking them 1-on-1 through the Data-Driven, Transformational Process, step-by-step*

*protecting confidentiality 

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