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Building upon a decade+ of broad, international business experience, Brain Expert and certified Executive Coach Heleen Westerhuijs and her support team have worked with many who have improved their lives as a result.  Her newest offering is the 1-on-1 Transformational Formula




Heleen Y. Westerhuijs, Executive Coach and Brain Expert 

Welcome to The Coaching Forward.

A boutique Coaching firm - established by Exec Coach and Brain Expert Heleen Westerhuijs - working with Neuro-data to advance individual and organizational success.

Deep data analysis brings understanding of the brain that one needs to make the Executive Coaching work. (And why with us results last.) 
Tailored action plans - then - lead to growth. Which equals Goal achievement and personal expansion.
The transformational results always turn out larger than clients thought possible (we measure everything.)

So, what is the difference between a LEADER and a SUPER-LEADER?

Which area(s) in your life do you know can be improved? What do you want to change?

Thank you for visiting The Coaching Forward. We have developed a formula to support you achieving those objectives, based on your Personal Neurodata. Remember: all our brains are wired differently; so the way you reach your goals is as unique. Let's understand your roadmap. 

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Based on your personal Neuro-data, get clear on your continued path, know the exact steps you need to take to live your intentions, achieve your Goals, and fully engage in work and life—as a Leader AND as a Person.


No theoretical woowoo or magic pills, but proven data-driven methods to gain clarity;using science behind behaviors, emotions, personal- and professional excellence.


Be clear on exactly what you need to do to achieve your Goals, always (opposed to activating stress upon awaking with it detrimental longterm effects);

- Communicate effectively;

- Be considered an inspiring and successful leader; feel it and LIVE it;

- Think bigger; LIVE bigger;

- Remove limiting beliefs & overwhelm and understand the simplicity herein;

- Plug in & be fully present in your work and (personal) life;

- Drop the B.S. self talk and negative thoughts;

- Feel great again and again and see (and hear about) the results around you.


- 1-on-1 Executive Coaching: Corporate Cohorts, Corporate Individuals and Private Clients;
- Assessing & gathering your personal neuro-data and metrics in your online portal
- Designing personal action plans, clarifying execution, supporting every step of the way
- Measuring your performance and progress with personal metrics

* Neuroscience
* Behavioral Science
* Positive Psychology
* Applied Mindfulness
* Straightforward Executive- and Performance Coaching practices

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  • Read more about the 1-on-1 Transformational Formula DATA-DRIVEN EXECUTIVE COACHING BACKED BY NEUROSCIENCE  HERE​.

  • For organizations, CPOs | (E)VPs People | and other People Leaders: read more HERE.

  • See also the VIDEOS section.

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