Building upon a decade+ of broad, international business experience, Brain Expert and certified Executive Coach Heleen Westerhuijs and her support team have worked with many who have improved their lives as a result.  Her newest offering is the 1-on-1 Transformational Formula




Heleen Y. Westerhuijs, Executive Coach and Brain Expert 

Welcome to The Coaching Forward.

A boutique Coaching firm - established by Exec Coach and Brain Expert Heleen Westerhuijs - working with Neuro-data to advance individual and organizational success.

Tracked in an intuitive online portal, we collect personal Neuro-data.
Deep data analysis brings understanding of the brain that one needs to make the Executive Coaching work. (And why with us results last.) 
Tailored action plans - then - lead to growth. Which equals Goal achievement and personal expansion.
The transformational results always turn out larger than clients thought possible (we measure everything.)

So, what is the difference between a LEADER and a SUPER-LEADER?

Which area(s) in your life do you know can be improved? What do you want to change?

Thank you for visiting The Coaching Forward. We have developed a formula to support you achieving those objectives, based on your Personal Neurodata. Remember: all our brains are wired differently; so the way you reach your goals is as unique. Let's understand your roadmap. 

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Based on your personal Neuro-data, get clear on your continued path, know the exact steps you need to take to live your intentions, achieve your Goals, and fully engage in work and life—as a Leader AND as a Person.


No theoretical woowoo or magic pills, but proven data-driven methods to gain clarity;using science behind behaviors, emotions, personal- and professional excellence.


Be clear on exactly what you need to do to achieve your Goals, always (opposed to activating stress upon awaking with it detrimental longterm effects);

- Communicate effectively;

- Be considered an inspiring and successful leader; feel it and LIVE it;

- Think bigger; LIVE bigger;

- Remove limiting beliefs & overwhelm and understand the simplicity herein;

- Plug in & be fully present in your work and (personal) life;

- Drop the B.S. self talk and negative thoughts;

- Feel great again and again and see (and hear about) the results around you.


- 1-on-1 Executive Coaching: Corporate Cohorts, Corporate Individuals and Private Clients;
- Assessing & gathering your personal neuro-data and metrics in your online portal
- Designing personal action plans, clarifying execution, supporting every step of the way
- Measuring your performance and progress with personal metrics

* Neuroscience
* Behavioral Science
* Positive Psychology
* Applied Mindfulness
* Straightforward Executive- and Performance Coaching practices

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